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Karla Calassa was born in Brasilia and lived most of her life in Goias. For that reason, in a lot of jobs, the artist shows a big cerrado influence. Moved to Florida in 2001, where the cultural pluralism has been a source of study and inspiration.
Autodidact, her techniques are painting in oil and acrylic on canvas, pastel painting, watercolor and an incredible curiosity on new materials in the exploration of pigments and textures.
The artist's creative process consists in transforming the imaginary in real, that results in abstract canvas, but with the formal concern in the creation process. Some artwork with the perception of life reflects softness and an euphoric touch. Others, represent the accomplishment after hard work, like the series "Harvest".
The spirituality and the gratitude for the nature are instruments of Karla, a lot of times in an unnoticeable. In the artwork, a lot of possible interpretations.